The Grand Harbor Property Owners Association (GHPOA), through its Board of Directors (BoD), utilizes Committees to perform assigned duties directed toward the betterment of the Community. In that context, the "Architectural Control Committee" (ACC), perhaps the oldest and most important POA committee, is chartered to oversee all architectural improvements on any of the one thousand and twelve (1012) properties within Grand Harbor/ Harbor Side Subdivision boundaries. The ACC performs its duties and responsibilites as put forth in the official "Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions of Grand Harbor." 

The conducting of ACC business is defined and organized: a properly submitted, property owner-originated Application for any Improvement is promptly reviewed and accepted or rejected by the Committee. Timely written notification back to the applicants, on the status of their imprevement requests, is an essential attribute of the well-functioning committee. More detailed ACC process steps are in the Application itself or in the ACC Policy and Procedue document. 


The ACC oversees three major categories of improvements, involving either new construction or rehabilitation of existing property owners' assets:

New Home Construction Application (NH)- a completed application Form is necessary for all aspects of a home's construction and structure

Boat Docks, Boat Slip Cover & Bulkhead Construction Application (BD&BH)- a Form that addresses waterfront features and structures, including canopy structure

"Other Improvement" Application (OI)- a Form required for all owner asset improvements not in the NH or BD&BH categories


Forms for making a formal application, seeking approval to implement one of the three "Types of Improvements" noted before are available for download. Also, the Applicant will, on occasion, need ACC Process- Assisting forms and support documents. They also are available here. 
Doc/File/Form/ Title Purpose/ Contents
Form, New Home Construction Application Direction/ Restrictions/ Info 
Necessary for Construction
Form, Boat Slip, Canopy & Bulkhead Application Direction/ Restrictions/ Info 
Necessary for Construction
Form, Other Improvement Application Direction/ Restrictions/ Info 
Necessary for Construction
Form, Deposit Refund Request
New Home; Other Improvement
Form provided for refund request
Form, Neighbor Affidavit Form provided for neighbor affidavit 
Form, Property Access Agreement Form  
Guidelines, Roofing Materials and Solar Energy Devices State-enabled Requirements allowing building features
Policy, ACC Policy and Procedure Committee orginization and operating rules
Policy, Foundation and Drainage
Policy, Landscape Policy   


DEADLINE: Applications must be submitted by 4:00 pm on the Monday before the scheduled semi-monthly ACC meeting to achieve better review timing. 

All completed improvement applications, or general questions about the ACC process, be it technical or financial, should be directed to:

Grand Harbor POA                                                                  
18956 Freeport Dr. Ste A                                   
Montgomery, TX 77356